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Korean researchers produce 8 kW sturdy oxide electrolysis cell that can make 5.7 kg of hydrogen per day

The Korea Institute of Energy Research has developed a solid oxide electrolysis cell stack that uses a special kind of separator plate to ensure proper flow of hydrogen and oxigen after water splitting. Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Bumhan Industries are now cooperating with the research center to improve relevant manufacturing process. April 26, 2024 Emiliano Bellini

“Vitality theft is anti-social, prison, scapegoats wished”

Mr. Olabode Sowunmi, CEO of Cabtree Limited and Chairman of the Hydrogen and New Energy Committee of the Nigerian Gas Association, has issued an appeal to Nigerians to recognise energy theft as not only an anti-social but also a criminal offence. He made this call during his presentation on the Nairametrics energy industry outlook on

Indigenous lands feel merciless chunk of green energy transition 

Comment: Mining companies have been offered a path to sustainability but few are taking it – Indigenous people need to be at the table demanding change Rukka Sombolinggi , a Torajan Indigenous woman from Sulawesi, Indonesia, is the first female Secretary General of AMAN, the world’s largest Indigenous peoples organization.  Gathered in NYC in mid-April

Researchers Make Glossy Family Tree for Flowering Vegetation

An international team of scientists has created the tree of life for almost 8,000 (about 60%) genera of flowering plants (angiosperms). This achievement sheds new light on the evolutionary history of flowering plants and their rise to ecological dominance on Earth. Time-calibrated phylogenetic tree for angiosperms based on 353 nuclear genes; all 64 orders, all

Footprints of Huge Troodontid Dinosaur Show in China

Paleontologists have discovered the tracks of a 5-m- (16.4-foot-) long troodontid at the Longxiang locality in the Chinese province of Fujian. An illustrated reconstruction of the Fujianipus yingliangi track-maker. Image credit: Yingliang. The Longxiang tracksite includes twelve two-toed tracks that fall into two morphologies, differentiated by both size and form. The smaller tracks, around 11

Hygen picks ITM Vitality’s electrolyzers for hydrogen initiatives all the way through Europe

Home Hydrogen Hygen picks ITM Power’s electrolyzers for hydrogen projects across Europe April 26, 2024, by Aida Čučuk UK’s Hygen Energy has appointed compatriot ITM Power as a preferred supplier of PEM electrolyzers for hydrogen projects within the UK and across wider Europe. Courtesy of ITM Power ITM Power revealed that the collaboration will consist

The Hydrogen Circulate: 1.2 TW of electrolyzers globally in construction

Aurora Energy Research says it has recorded a sharp increase in green hydrogen projects, with 90% of them in early phases of development, while E.ON says that Germany’s hydrogen ramp-up is stuck due to an investment backlog. April 26, 2024 Sergio Matalucci Aurora Energy Research said in its “Q2 2024 European Hydrogen Market Report” (HyMaR)

Greek developer seeks consultants for Egypt-Greece interconnection research

Greek renewables developer Elica SA is seeking consultants for two desktop studies related to an electrical interconnection project between Greece and Egypt. The undersea link will transmit green energy to Europe via a 3 GW HDVC connection. April 25, 2024 Patrick Jowett Image: Elica Group Two calls for expressions of interest from consultants have gone

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