Baker Hughes launches hydrogen size sensor applied sciences

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June 28, 2024,

Aida Čučuk

U.S. vitality technology firm Baker Hughes has launched three gas, float and moisture size sensor applied sciences designed to present a rob to safety performance and force productiveness in hydrogen and varied functions across vitality and industrial sectors.

Illustration; Source: Baker Hughes

The applied sciences will also be deployed by customers in sectors including hydrogen, oil and gas, metals, chemicals, biogas, vitality period, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), and others.

The three new choices encompass:

  • XMTCpro, which in accordance to Baker Hughes, presents customers with “stepped forward ranges of reliability and accuracy” when monitoring gas focus. The firm mentioned the solution parts actual-time error detection and enhanced signal size for mercurial response in a thermal conductivity-based binary gas analyzer. Moreover, the Security Integrity Level (SIL)-licensed XMTCpro is presupposed to be “contamination-resistant by invent, requiring minimal upkeep.”
  • HygroPro XP, which is designed to “mercurial and accurately measure moisture in gases and hydrocarbon liquids across a large dew point range.” This transmitter parts a compact explosion-proof enclosure, are living temperature and stress sensors and HART communication enabling connection between clever field devices. The HygroPro XP will also be aged across hydrogen transportation, storage, terminate spend and manufacturing functions, including measuring imprint moisture in electrolyzer manufacturing.
  • T5MAX Transducer, whose signal strength is presupposed to enable a step substitute in ultrasonic float meter performance across gas float size functions, including hydrogen. Baker Hughes claimed that in low-float fee functions, the place correct measurements are subtle to capture, the stronger signal presents customers with a longer float direction length, and therefore better accuracy.

To allege, Baker Hughes is obsessed to your complete hydrogen mark chain, from manufacturing to transportation and utilization. The firm’s portfolio entails compressors, gas mills, valves, centrifugal pumps, non-metal pipes, hydrogen sensors, monitoring and diagnostics including inspection choices for hydrogen embrittlement in manufacturing and storage, as properly as neat vitality choices to create vitality with hydrogen and hydrogen blends.

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