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Precision Micro: Inexperienced vitality alternatives grow as Precision Micro expands its manufacturing facility

Global chemical etching supplier Precision Micro has announced the delivery of a new etching and stripping machine at its Fort Dunlop site in Birmingham, UK, finalizing its second new etch room. (1888PressRelease) May 10, 2024 - Part of a 1.8 million investment reported last year, the business believes it is now uniquely placed to meet

Indigenous lands feel merciless chunk of green energy transition 

Comment: Mining companies have been offered a path to sustainability but few are taking it – Indigenous people need to be at the table demanding change Rukka Sombolinggi , a Torajan Indigenous woman from Sulawesi, Indonesia, is the first female Secretary General of AMAN, the world’s largest Indigenous peoples organization.  Gathered in NYC in mid-April

Greek developer seeks consultants for Egypt-Greece interconnection research

Greek renewables developer Elica SA is seeking consultants for two desktop studies related to an electrical interconnection project between Greece and Egypt. The undersea link will transmit green energy to Europe via a 3 GW HDVC connection. April 25, 2024 Patrick Jowett Image: Elica Group Two calls for expressions of interest from consultants have gone

Indigenous advocates on the UN boom the green transition is neither clear nor correct

This story is published as part of the Global Indigenous Affairs Desk, an Indigenous-led collaboration between Grist, High Country News, ICT, Mongabay, Native News Online, and APTN. For years, Maureen Penjueli, who is Indigenous iTaukei from Fiji, has watched her home country survive devastating cyclones and flooding caused by unusually heavy rainfall. She watched as

A mountainous green vitality transmission mission will decrease via Indigenous lands in the Southwest

This story is published as part of the Global Indigenous Affairs Desk, an Indigenous-led collaboration between Grist, High Country News, ICT, Mongabay, Native News Online, and APTN. Last week, a United States federal judge rejected a request from Indigenous nations to stop SunZia, a $10 billion wind-transmission project that would cut through traditional tribal lands

Tech Leaders Huge Huge On Green Vitality Startups

By ZeroHedge - Apr 22, 2024, 4:00 PM CDT Sam Altman and Andreessen Horowitz invested $20 million in Exowatt, a clean energy startup. Exowatt has developed solar modules that convert solar energy into heat, which can be stored for up to 24 hours. Altman also backs nuclear power startups Oklo and Helion, recognizing the importance

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Paleontologists Debunk Stylish Claim that Protoceratops Fossils Impressed Legend of Griffin

Among the most widely promoted examples of fossil folklore is a supposed link between the Central Asian horned dinosaur Protoceratops and the griffin, a gold-guarding mythical creature combining features of lions and birds. First proposed in the 1990s, this geomyth postulates that tales of Protoceratops fossils were transmitted westward along trade routes from Asian gold

Triassic Crocodile-Devour Reptile Found out in Brazil

A new genus and species of gracilisuchid reptile from the Triassic period has been identified from fossils found in the Santa Maria Formation in Brazil. Artistic representation of a Middle-Late Triassic landscape of southern Brazil: (a) a large Prestosuchus chiniquensis feeds on the carcass of a dicynodont while individuals of Parvosuchus aurelioi compete for scraps;

Webb Spots Enigmatic Workforce of Aligned Protostellar Outflows in Serpens Nebula

These protostellar outflows are formed when jets of gas spewing from newborn stars collide with nearby gas and dust at high speeds. Typically these objects have a variety of orientations within one region. Within the Serpens Nebula, however, they are all slanted in the same direction, to the same degree, like sleet pouring down during

Coastlines of Titan’s Largest Lakes and Seas Were Eroded by Wave Recount: See

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is the only known planetary body besides Earth on which standing liquids persist. Liquid hydrocarbons, supplied by rainfall from the moon’s thick atmosphere, form rivers, lakes, and seas, most of which are found in the polar regions. In new research, a team of geologists at MIT studied Titan’s shorelines and found

Hoard of Silver and Bronze Money from Gallus Rebellion Chanced on in Israel

The Jewish revolt against Constantius Gallus, also known as the Gallus Revolt, erupted during the Roman civil war of 351-354 CE and was the last Jewish revolt against the Romans. Bronze and silver coins from the 4th century CE found in Lod, central Israel. Image credit: Israel Antiquities Authority. The 1,650-year-old hoard was found by

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