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Webb Finds Proto-Globular Clusters in Early Universe

Astronomers using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope have spotted at least five young globular clusters within SPT 0615-JD1 (also known as the Cosmic Gems arc), a strongly-lensed galaxy that existed when the Universe was 460 million years old. These images show the galaxy cluster SPT-CL J0615-5746 (right) and a portion of this cluster (left)

Paleontologists Debunk Standard Claim that Protoceratops Fossils Inspired Legend of Griffin

Among the most widely promoted examples of fossil folklore is a supposed link between the Central Asian horned dinosaur Protoceratops and the griffin, a gold-guarding mythical creature combining features of lions and birds. First proposed in the 1990s, this geomyth postulates that tales of Protoceratops fossils were transmitted westward along trade routes from Asian gold

Triassic Crocodile-Cherish Reptile Found in Brazil

A new genus and species of gracilisuchid reptile from the Triassic period has been identified from fossils found in the Santa Maria Formation in Brazil. Artistic representation of a Middle-Late Triassic landscape of southern Brazil: (a) a large Prestosuchus chiniquensis feeds on the carcass of a dicynodont while individuals of Parvosuchus aurelioi compete for scraps;

Webb Spots Enigmatic Neighborhood of Aligned Protostellar Outflows in Serpens Nebula

These protostellar outflows are formed when jets of gas spewing from newborn stars collide with nearby gas and dust at high speeds. Typically these objects have a variety of orientations within one region. Within the Serpens Nebula, however, they are all slanted in the same direction, to the same degree, like sleet pouring down during

Recent Articles

Archaeologists Glance 4,000-Year-Worn Temple and Theater in Peru

The newly-discovered structures predate the famous Inca citadel of Machu Picchu by roughly 3,500 years, and were made long before the Inca and their predecessors, according to a team of archaeologists with the Ucupe Cultural Landscape Archaeological Project. The newly-discovered archaeological site, including carving of a mythological bird creature, at La Otra Banda, Cerro Las

Astronomers Salvage Intermediate-Mass Sunless Gap in Milky Formula’s Most Extensive Globular Cluster

Using more than 500 images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, astronomer have found evidence for a 20,000-solar-mass black hole at the center of Omega Centauri, a globular cluster located in the constellation of Centaurus at a distance of 5,430 parsecs (17,710 light-years) from the Sun. Omega Centauri is about 10 times as massive as

New Iguanodontian Dinosaur Unearthed on Isle of Wight

A new genus and species of iguanodontian dinosaur being named Comptonatus chasei has been described by University of Portsmouth Ph.D. student Jeremy Lockwood and his colleagues. Life reconstruction of Comptonatus chasei. Image credit: John Sibbick. Comptonatus chasei roamed Earth during the Early Cretaceous epoch, some 125 million years ago. “This animal would have been around

The precise home wind mills for 2024, per specialists

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more › Brandt Ranj / Popular Science With more and more people becoming energy-conscious and wanting to save the planet from global climate change, there’s an increased interest in home wind turbines. “Harness the wind!” It feels good

AIDA Cruises achieves its best possible month-to-month fee for shore vitality usage

Home Green Marine AIDA Cruises achieves its highest monthly value for shore power usage July 10, 2024, by Aida Čučuk German cruise line AIDA Cruises, part of Carnival Corporation, has recorded the highest monthly value for shore power usage by ensuring the supply of its ships with green energy from shore during 45 calls at

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