Finland’s organizations to work on hydrogen storage research venture

Dwelling Hydrogen Finland’s organizations to work on hydrogen storage research venture

April 10, 2024,

Aida Čučuk

VTT Technical Evaluate Centre of Finland, Geological Explore of Finland GTK and industrial partner organizations bear launched a research venture Hydrogen UnderGround (HUG), fascinated with underground storage of hydrogen.

Courtesy of VTT

The two-year venture brings together 16 companions, with VTT and GTK assuming the central roles in venture coordination and research actions, VTT printed, adding that the level of interest of the venture is on constructed fuel storage solutions on yarn of Finland lacks pure ground formations neutral correct for fuel storage.

Per VTT, hydrogen underground storages are widely viewed to play a severe role in the inexperienced hydrogen impress chain as the production and inquire of of hydrogen wants to be balanced.

The institution claimed that storages are well-known to enable the valid provide of hydrogen to companies using inexperienced hydrogen, which can’t perform in an economically sound intention without hydrogen storage.

“Storing hydrogen above ground, equivalent to frail methods for pure fuel, proves impractical for cost and security causes. Preliminary studies confirm underground storage as the most inexpensive and guarded choice on a massive scale,” VTT stated.

Project Managers Pasi Valkokari from VTT and Teemu Lindqvist from GTK acknowledged: “The total goal of the HUG venture is to offer the muse for a massive-scale hydrogen storage belief for the Finnish hydrogen industry and know-how ecosystem. The venture additionally objectives to place pathways for persisted research, intelligent partner companies to contribute to ongoing traits in the self-discipline.”

To sign, this venture is co-funded by Business Finland, and it is far a portion of Neste’s and Valmet’s Veturi ecosystems.

Antti Pohjoranta from Neste’s renewable hydrogen & Strength-to-X innovation industry platform, commented: “Hydrogen is a key factor of Neste’s refinery processes, and we are dedicated to advancing the national hydrogen industry. Project HUG affords counseled fortify against this goal.”

Juha-Pekka Jalkanen, Director, Job Automation, Automation Systems industry line, Valmet, stated: “The HUG research venture is hunting for to search out answers to severe automation know-how questions that are crucial not neutral correct for hydrogen storage but additionally for the total hydrogen production and consumption ecosystem.”

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