Fresh agreements to solidify Spain and Netherlands’ hydrogen connection

Residence Hydrogen Fresh agreements to solidify Spain and Netherlands’ hydrogen connection

April 19, 2024,

Aida Čučuk

Dutch Port of Amsterdam, alongside with international partners, has reached two agreements on inexperienced hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives. Additionally, Evos Amsterdam signed a memorandum of knowing (MoU) with Spanish CEPSA to explore hydrogen export out of the south of Spain to Amsterdam.

Courtesy of Port of Amsterdam

Per the Amsterdam port, these three agreements, which practice the beforehand signed partnership between the Port of Amsterdam, the Spanish Port of Bilbao and plenty of different diverse partners in June 2023, solidify the hydrogen connection between Spain and Amsterdam.

The first agreement entails a joint peep agreement (JSA) between the Port of Amsterdam and international gamers Petronor, EnBW and GasLog. Port of Amsterdam published that under the JSA, the partners will jointly back in suggestions the technical feasibility and industrial viability of a liquid hydrogen corridor between the ports of Bilbao and Amsterdam.

“The aim is to assemble an energy surroundings pleasant and zero carbon emission, liquid hydrogen coping with chain, which can safely, successfully and price successfully speak industrial portions of Petronor-produced hydrogen to the port of Amsterdam. GasLog, a Greek swiftly owner and operator, is on the 2nd developing specialised vessels for the transportation of liquefied hydrogen, whereas EnBW and Port of Amsterdam work on the mobilisation of offtakers situated in the North Sea Canal Insist,” the Port of Amsterdam talked about.

The 2nd agreement constitutes an MoU between Petronor/Repsol, KLM and the Port of Amsterdam, with a tackle exploring the probabilities for the manufacturing of synthetic aviation gas (SAF) and hydrogen-primarily based completely artificial aviation gas (e-SAF) in Bilbao.

The third agreement, as already talked about, became once signed between Evos and CEPSA. Below this deal, the events will explore the opportunities for transporting hydrogen via plenty of vectors from the south of Spain. In the Amsterdam port, Evos is focusing on transport via liquid natural hydrogen carriers (LOHC), the Amsterdam port neatly-known, adding that one among the 2 Evos terminals in Amsterdam will exercise its existing storage tanks to receive and retailer LOHC in the shut to future.

Concerning hydrogen’s characteristic in the energy transition, Amsterdam port pointed out its significance, concluding: “As a consequence of its natural characteristics, the Netherlands could well perhaps moreover not be in a spot to make enough hydrogen to meet anticipated question. Port of Amsterdam is therefore committed to fostering sturdy ties with countries and partners in a spot to make commercially viable volumes of hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives.”

“Essential price is positioned on intra-European corridors, tying into the ambition of the European Union to beef up energy safety all via the industrial block, and leveraging transportation sessions to lower price. The collaboration between Port of Bilbao and Port of Amsterdam is a ideal example of the aptitude such intra-European corridors back, with sturdy bilateral ties translating to sturdy industrial connections and public beef up.”

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