Malaysia’s strategic role within the rising hydrogen economy

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AS Malaysia stands at the crossroads of a pivotal vitality transformation, the burgeoning doable of the hydrogen economy affords us a unique different to redefine our vitality panorama and make contributions meaningfully to the arena effort in decarbonisation. With the Asia-Pacific field poised to be the next hydrogen superpower, Malaysia’s strategic build and ongoing initiatives uniquely field us to play a actually necessary role on this transformative expertise.

The Hydrogen Economy and Expertise Roadmap, which I had the honor of launching as guided by the Ministry of Science, Expertise, and Innovation, is a testament to our commitment. This roadmap would now not merely map forth a imaginative and prescient however meticulously lays the groundwork for Malaysia to develop into a key participant within the hydrogen price chain by 2050.

The reason for this focal level is apparent. Hydrogen holds the important thing to fixing many of the vitality challenges that our field faces – vitality security, affordability, and sustainability. As part of our National Vitality Protection 2022-2040, the transition to a hydrogen-essentially based mostly economy is now not upright strategic however a must-fill. It promises to greatly within the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – by as much as 15% by 2050 – whereas potentially producing bigger than RM400 billion in earnings and extending as much as 200,000 jobs.

Our ability is multi-faceted, specializing in accelerating the adoption of green hydrogen. Leveraging our unique topographical advantages, especially in Sarawak, we’re properly-positioned to harness hydropower capabilities widely. Currently, Sarawak’s hydropower skill stands at 3.5 gigawatts, with plans to raise this by an additional 1.3 gigawatts within the arrive future. This sturdy hydropower infrastructure is pivotal as we unbiased to invent a Levelized Cost of Hydrogen as low as USD1.00 per kilogramme, making it competitively priced on the arena market.

Our strategic employ of renewable sources and progressive technologies plays a actually necessary role in lowering manufacturing costs and facilitating the broader employ of hydrogen all the most effective seemingly map thru mobility and industrial sectors. This combination of natural advantages and strategic investments positions Malaysia as a frontrunner within the arena hydrogen economy and underlines our commitment to a sustainable vitality future.

Collaboration is at the coronary heart of our plot. The “Tag Some, Aquire Some” ability underscores our intent to blend native innovation with world expertise. This comprises fostering partnerships with main international companies to red meat up our technological capabilities and infrastructure. We are equally committed to nurturing native talent and expertise thru initiatives just like the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence, guaranteeing that Malaysia now not simplest contributes to however also advantages from the hydrogen economy.

The accelerate is already underway. From the Petronas Superior Proton Alternate Membrane Electrolyser, developed in collaboration with the National College of Malaysia, to international ventures just like the collaboration with Japan’s ENEOS Corporation, Malaysia is actively shaping its hydrogen future. Tenaga Nasional Bhd, our national utility firm, has embarked on an brave project to co-combust ammonia within the energy sector, in partnership with IHI Energy Machine Malaysia Sdn Bhd. This initiative now not simplest highlights our drive in opposition to progressive vitality options however also our skill to integrate these technologies into unique infrastructures, These initiatives underline our technological aspirations and demonstrate our functionality to be a legit and progressive partner within the arena hydrogen market.

As we host discussions and collaborations at international conventions, akin to the hot gathering where stakeholders from all the most effective seemingly map thru the Asia-Pacific field shared insights and systems, it’s apparent that our collective efforts are pivotal. Together, we are able to handle the challenges and harness the opportunities that the hydrogen economy presents.

By embracing the hydrogen economy, Malaysia would now not upright unbiased to rob part in a world circulation; we unbiased to e book it, guaranteeing a prosperous and sustainable future for the next generations. – July 10, 2024.

* Chang Lih Kang is science, expertise and innovation minister.

* This is the idea of the creator or e-newsletter and would now not necessarily signify the views of The Malaysian Perception. Article would be edited for brevity and readability.

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