Tech Leaders Huge Huge On Green Vitality Startups

By ZeroHedge – Apr 22, 2024, 4:00 PM CDT

  • Sam Altman and Andreessen Horowitz invested $20 million in Exowatt, a neat vitality startup.
  • Exowatt has developed characterize voltaic modules that convert characterize voltaic vitality into warmth, which is able to be saved for as much as 24 hours.
  • Altman also backs nuclear vitality startups Oklo and Helion, recognizing the importance of nuclear vitality as a legitimate source of neat vitality.
Green Vitality

Sam Altman and project capital agency Andreessen Horowitz are making a bet on characterize voltaic vitality and vitality storage that can provide a low-carbon future to artificial intelligence recordsdata centers. Altman, the face of the AI chatbot enhance, has also invested in nuclear vitality abilities to gas America’s powering up with neat, legitimate vitality. 

The Wall Boulevard Journal experiences that Altman and the non-public US project capital agency are amongst the investors placing $20 million into Exowatt, a firm that objectives to resolve the neat-vitality desires of AI recordsdata centers. 

Exowatt declined to luxuriate in small print about how its abilities works. Nonetheless, WSJ supplied a transient working out: 

In desire to characterize voltaic panels arrayed all via a field, Exowatt has developed modules roughly the size of birth containers that grasp characterize voltaic lenses. The lenses convert vitality from the solar into warmth. That warmth can then be used to warm up low-cost, overall materials remarkable treasure electrical energy heats up a toaster, permitting the modules to retailer vitality for as much as 24 hours a day.

The aim is to take perfect thing about the fee reductions from storing vitality as warmth. To luxuriate in electrical energy, the module passes the warmth via an engine. Many other companies are working on varied approaches to characterize voltaic and low-cost warmth batteries, nonetheless Exowatt says it is extra special on memoir of it combines them in a single unit.

The narrate with characterize voltaic vitality generation is that the solar only veritably shines. For grid steadiness, characterize voltaic and wind are pretty, nonetheless nuclear vitality will ought to be the indispensable legitimate source of neat vitality. We’ve been a bull on nuclear vitality (learn: here) and currently confirmed readers how there would possibly maybe be a historic reversal underway in nuclear vitality in the US (learn: here). 

Clearly, Altman understands this. He currently backed nuclear vitality startup Oklo and Helion. 

“Fundamentally on the present time on this planet, the 2 limiting commodities you search all over are intelligence, which we’re making an are attempting to work on with AI, and vitality,” Altman rapid CNBC in 2021. 

It be becoming determined that the growing old US vitality grid will no longer be ready to wait on the surge in AI recordsdata centers and the electrification of the financial system. In “The Subsequent AI Alternate,” we outlined investment opportunities for powering up America. 

In the period in-between, the upfront charges of upgrading the nation’s vitality grid are sparking out-of-wait on watch over vitality invoice charges for households, as many folks maintain anguish paying monthly funds.  


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