The final struggle over green hydrogen tax solutions —This Week in Cleantech

The final struggle over green hydrogen tax solutions —This Week in Cleantech

Hotfoot Energy’s green hydrogen transportation tanker. (Courtesy: Hotfoot Energy)

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This week’s episode aspects E&E Information reporter Christian Robles who covered the controversial debate over federal green hydrogen incentive solutions.

This week’s “Cleantecher of the Week” goes to Bill Weihl, who is transitioning from ClimateVoice’s Co-Executive Director to the characteristic of Founder & Chief Strategic Consultant.

1. Berkeley Will Repeal Its Landmark Ban on Pure Gas in Fresh Properties — The Fresh York Instances

Berkeley, California banned the installation of gas hookups in original properties back in 2019, but the law used to be struck down in the courts. Now, as half of a settlement, the city has agreed to repeal the law altogether. 13% of U.S. carbon pollution is from properties and structures, largely due to pure gas burned in furnaces, stoves or hot water heaters. This rule would own been a first step to reducing this percentage.

Bigger than 140 cities and native governments own made efforts to attenuate pure gas in original structures, but own faced opposition from the gas exchange, restaurants, and homebuilders. 24 states own now handed regulations blocking native governments from passing guidelines to restrict gas use.

2. BlackRock Issued Honest Warning Over ESG Design by Mississippi — Bloomberg

For now now not lower than the 2nd time, BlackRock Inc. faces exact action from the notify of Mississippi, which has known as their ESG strategy “improper”, claiming it misleads merchants. The corporate, which manages $10 trillion price of property, is liable to be banned from doing exchange in Mississippi. This comes factual three months after a same stir smartly with from the notify of Tennessee, and final week the Texas Board of Education announced plans to pull $8 billion from Blackrock.

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3. Can We Engineer Our Methodology Out of the Climate Disaster? — The Fresh York Instances

Swiss startup Climeworks has built an instantaneous air hang (DAC) challenge powered by geothermal to pump 36,000 metric a complete bunch CO2 out of the atmosphere yearly – the supreme on the earth. Occidental Petroleum is constructing a DAC challenge in Texas that would possibly perchance hang 500,000 metric a complete bunch CO2 yearly – a challenge 10 cases greater.

Critics argue it’s more costly to pull a ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere than to cease a ton of CO2 from being added. Others warn that innovation like this can present an excuse to continue burning fossil fuels for longer. 

4. NOAA gets dire warning about solar geoengineering — POLITICO

Climate exchange is already causing an develop in heat waves. Some firms are searching out for to respond by spraying aerosols into the atmosphere to deem daylight hours a long way from the planet – mimicking the outcomes of a volcanic eruption – to affect a non eternal cooling place.

Studying solar geoengineering has confirmed complex, and dangers would possibly perchance encompass ozone injure or climate sample adjustments. Doing it in the community to cold down one living will own a detrimental affect in diversified locations, causing geopolitical concerns. Nonetheless there’s surprisingly slight law in the U.S. to cease firms from transferring ahead with their geoengineering plans.

5. How discontinuance you make certain hydrogen is ‘super’? Treasury solutions procedure hearth. – E&E Information

The Treasury Department’s draft solutions for the IRA’s 45V hydrogen tax credit score are causing disagreements between exchange and environmentalists.

The Treasury desires to make certain the exchange has incentives to develop the use of low-carbon sources. Nonetheless exchange leaders argue that strict guidelines will hinder development, particularly for projects tied to nuclear vitality, due to high costs and long construction cases. Environmentalists argue that the tips are mandatory to make certain we don’t in actuality develop carbon pollution by powering hydrogen production with fossil fuels.

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