Home Hydrogen technology The Hydrogen Scoot: Engie confirms termination of H2Sines.Rdam venture

The Hydrogen Scoot: Engie confirms termination of H2Sines.Rdam venture

The Hydrogen Scoot: Engie confirms termination of H2Sines.Rdam venture

Engie has instructed pv journal that the developers of the H2Sines.Rdam installation gain determined to stop the venture to construct hydrogen in Portugal and send it to the Netherlands, whereas Fortescue stated it has opened an electrolyzer manufacturing facility in Australia.

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H2Sines.Rdam, a deliberate 400 MW green hydrogen venture in Portugal designed to ship liquid hydrogen to the Netherlands, has been terminated. “Given the dearth of determined guidelines and bearing in mind the most modern maturity of the target market, as well to the absence of ample infrastructure, the heaps of companions of the venture gain taken the resolution to stop the venture in Portugal,” Engie instructed pv journal. The French company became a co-developer alongside Shell, storage tank specialist Vopak, and birth agency Anthony Veder.

Fortescue has officially opened an electrolyzer manufacturing facility in Gladstone, Australia, and claimed that it is one of the indispensable first on this planet to dwelling an automatic assembly line. “The 15,000-sqm evolved manufacturing facility, constructed and fully commissioned in lawful over two years, can gain capability to construct over 2 GW of proton change membrane (PEM) electrolyzer stacks yearly,” stated the Australian company.

CP Crew and Fortescue Energy gain announced a joint endeavor to construct green hydrogen, ammonia, and fertilizer to Morocco, Europe, and other global markets. Fortescue Energy stated the idea comprises the aptitude fashion of manufacturing amenities and an R&D hub to come Morocco’s renewable vitality industry. OCP Crew is a global company that focuses on plant nutrition and phosphate-based mostly mostly fertilizers.

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Singulus has launched a brand new fluctuate of bodily vapor deposition (PVD) coating methods for fuel cells and proton change membrane (PEM) electrolyzer substances. “The innovative inline methods, which are based mostly totally on the confirmed GENERIS PVD platform, dilemma new requirements in efficiency and worth-effectiveness,” stated Singulus. The German vacuum coating expertise seller is already coating bipolar plates on a pilot scale with industrial and examine companions, however it stated that this new line targets sequence manufacturing.

Enapter recorded €9.3 million ($9.9 million) of incoming orders in the first quarter of 2024, from €1.27 million in the earlier year. It stated that this quantities to an magnify of spherical 730% when compared to the first quarter of 2023, with virtually 75% of the total coming from orders for its AEM Nexus megawatt-class multicore devices. The German-Italian electrolyzer company famend that the superb fragment became generated from sales of compact single-core AEM EL 4 electrolyzers, with many of the orders coming from Europe and the US.

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